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How XR enhances customer interaction training?
Every company wants to enhance their customer interaction experience; for which ‘IMMERSIVE LEARNING’ is ‘THE’ answer. It not only provides a fascinating environment to the customer but increases companies’ technology edge.
How XR enhances customer interaction training?
Written By
Ashwina Das
Published On
24 Aug 2023
Every company wants to enhance their customer interaction experience; for which ‘IMMERSIVE LEARNING’ is ‘THE’ answer. It not only provides a fascinating environment to the customer but increases companies’ technology edge.
This enriches the business advantage to stand out with high-profit margins and an opportunity to expand to remote collaborative markets.
XR-based customer interaction training can be an innovative and immersive approach to learning and an excellent way for the customers to adapt to new technology.
As the world is experimenting with XR, Bell Immersive provides 5 ways you can use XR to cater to your customer needs expressively and engagingly:
Hands-on experience
Customers have always awaited to experience a good view of the product during their shopping. Apart from “touch and feel”, “wear and see” provides good knowledge about the product they wish to buy. This also helps customers to decide before investing which creates a sense of trust with the brand.
XR allows customers to place furniture in their homes and compare the suitability. Ladies could try on a hair color to choose their preferences. Hoteliers and real-estate businesses can showcase their layouts and provide rich pre-order experiences to their customers.
Virtual visits are gaining more value with the changing and challenging situations. XR solutions can be applied to all industries; across all functions to optimize their systems and process and create an engaging experience for their customers
Improved customer service
Bell works on creating XR apps/solutions to bring back the personal touch in the customer service interactions. Clients can connect with their customers virtually and build a strong bond by solving queries and educating the customer on their products and service range.
XR can be a great marketing initiative tool for most of the business too; since industry 4.0 is the current trend; it would be super beneficial for businesses and organizations to implement immersive technologies to be the front runners in their respective industries.
User guides and owner manual
User manuals and reference guides are slowly reaching the books of history. Many businesses are moving towards paperless; user-friendly manuals and guides which are in XR format.
Customers enjoy the immersive experience more than referring to a booklet to gain information; and why not? New experiences bring out the child in each one of us; stimulating the curiosity cells.
XR solutions also promote the technological capabilities of businesses in establishing their products and services, which may increase their purchase successes.
Well trained resources
Today’s teams need to upskill their skill sets in terms of developing empathy and effective communication to deal with present changing conditions and the mediums of interaction.
XR solutions offer great support by creating brilliant training scenarios where staff can practice interacting with virtual customers and represent the strong branding of their company.
Bell Immersive training sessions provide learners with great opportunity to learn new skills; scope for trial and error methods; understand they’re strong and work towards improving their weak areas; handle stress; address queries intelligently; learn negotiation and convincing skills; develop and increase their potential to deliver nothing but the best.
Boost value
XR speeds up the marketing, sales, and service segment for businesses. It provides an all – time available – easy access for the customer to experience products; make payments; request service and retrieve information.
It will ease everyday life for customers and boost business value, market positioning, and customer reach even to remote areas.
The increasing demand for immersive technologies has invited businesses and organizations to adopt suitable solutions for their functions and extend their technological capabilities through numerous competencies.
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